Phase 3




At the end of this phase, you will have in-depth insight on how Stock Market Finance actually works. Learn about Income StatementsBalance Sheets and Efficient Market Theory through our guided lessons. You will have access to insider knowledge from investment gurus such as Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio and George Soros who are all masters in their field. Test your knowledge on Behavioural Science, Financial Statements and Economics through our comprehensive online quizzes.




  • Video Lessons
  1. Stock Market Trading
  2. Value Investment
  3. Accounting in Investment
  4. Excel Tutorial: Time Value of Money
  5. Excel Tutorial: Determining Risk and Return
  • Book Summaries
  1. Trading the Zone
  2. Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets
  3. The Warren Buffett Portfolio
  4. Value Investing From Graham to Buffett And Beyond
  • Access to our Leverage Calculator