Frequently Asked Questions

 What Does This Course Provide?

This course provides the best principles and lessons required for understanding how to invest and trade in the stock market.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for beginners who are curious about, or interested to learn about how the stock market works.

What Is The Difference between This Course And Other Stock Market Course’s?

We provide A LOT more quality content for a cheaper price.

Our course has unique and interactive learning features which makes learning the stock market easy and fun.

Other courses usually offer only videos and PDF’s about the stock market.

We provide PDF’s, book summaries, video tutorials, excel video tutorials, quizzes, calculators, a library and the recommended learning path around our course.

We are also extremely focused on all customer feedback to ensure that they receive great value for money if they decide to purchase this course.

What Do You Learn If You Purchase This Program?

This program provides all the information, principles and lessons that will help you understand how the stock market works

You will also learn the basics of topics which are related to the investment process such as:

Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, Psychology, Economics, Investment Analysis On Microsoft Excel, Valuation, Business Analysis, Behavioural Finance, Politics, Investment Analysis and many other topics

Why Trust Us?

Collectively, our team has extensive experience at Tier 1 corporate firms and universities in Sydney, Australia. 

Our team is extremely focused on catering to customer feedback to ensure that your experience with this course is worthwhile, informative and enjoyable

Do We Offer Real-Life Investment Recommendations And Advice Such As: Buy Or Sell Tips About Listed Companies Or Other Financial Products Available?

No, we strictly do not offer any investment tips or any recommendations (such as buy, hold or sell advice) about any listed companies or financial products on the stock market.

This program strictly only provides educational facts about how the stock market works.

What Are The Key Steps Our Customers Should Take To Maximise Their Learning Experience?

  1. Start this program with the desire to learn
  2. Beginners should follow the ‘Curriculum’ function in ‘Course Material’ to be directed around this course in the right learning sequence
  3. Write notes about the main lessons you have learned
  4. Read over your notes overtime and reflect about how it relates to the stock market
  5. Remember to take your time when reading and learning our content

What Are The Features Of This Course – The Interactive Learning Methods?

Curriculum: The Recommended Learning Path Around The Course (Content Below)

Stock Market Basics: PDF’s Detailing The Core Lessons Of The Stock Market

Book Summaries: Demonstrates The Key Lessons From Stock Market Related Books

Video Tutorials: Revealing The Key Facts About Fundamental Stock Market Topics

Excel Video Tutorials: Teaching How To Conduct Investment Analysis & Modelling Techniques On Excel

Stockmarket Quizzes: Designed To Test Your Knowledge On Key Topics

Investment Analysis Calculators: Which Come With Instructions For Understanding And Applying Each Calculation

Stock Market Library: Reveals The Best External Stock Market Sources To Explore

What Happens If I Am Experiencing Difficulty?

If you are experiencing difficulty please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied.

We care about your stock market education.

What Is The Refund Policy?

Refunds are not permitted because once a transaction has been completed, the customer will have access to all of our content for 365 days. 

What Are the Consequences Of A Breach Of Our Copyright Or Intellectual Property Rights? 

Any breach of copyright, plagiarism, sharing of information or misuse of our intellectual property will result in appropriate legal action to protect our information, ideas and content.

What Happens If Customers Decide To Share Their Subscription Accounts?

If a customer decides to unlawfully share their account with another person, we will terminate your subscription.

We have tools that help us find out if account sharing occurs.

How Can Customers Leave Feedback Or Seek Support ?

Please Contact Us at if you wish to leave feedback or require support.

Is This A One Time Payment Or An Annual Subscription?

This is a subscription based program which involves an annual subscription fee.

On the anniversary of your initial payment, the subscription fee will be charged to your credit card.

Cancelling the subscription will still allow you to view the program for 365 days from the date the program is purchased.

What Payment Methods Do We Accept?

We accept PayPal and Stripe. If you are unable to use these payment methods please Contact Us. 

When Can You Access This Program After Payment?

After your payment is processed, you will receive an email with your login details which provides access to all of the content on our website. 

If you experience any unforeseen issues please Contact Us.


Stockeducate only provides educational information, we do not make any investment recommendations such as buy, sell, or hold tips, or provide any opinion about any financial products available in the stock market today.